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Grain Handling

ACSI has provided control system programming to United Harvest’s Vancouver, WA facility since 1996. The United Harvest Vancouver, WA facility is the largest wheat export facility in the U.S., enabling U.S. wheat exports to the Pacific Rim. During this time ACSI has completed the following projects: Intellution Version Upgrade, Flowpath modifications, and Grain Cleaning Project.

Flowpath modifications:

The efficient unloading and storing of wheat is central to the success of the facility. ACSI was brought on board to improve the unloading efficiency of the automated system. In three weeks ACSI was able to deliver an 80% to 100% improvement in Rail Car unloading and storing efficiency. Prior contractors had spent almost a year on the job with minimal improvements. The improvements were made by developing a supervisory resource allocation program in the Allen-Bradley PLC-5/80.

Grain Cleaning Project:

Installed a SoftPLC and Allen-Bradley 1771 series I/O to control the new grain cleaning process.

Programmable Logic Controllers